home furnishings

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

One of my favourite teachers growing up used to reiterate this saying over and over while teaching us woodwork. We’d all joke afterwards about how he’s spent another 5 minutes lecturing us, but in fact he was preparing us for adulthood.

Think about it. If you fail to plan something and it somehow works out then great it’s a win. But how often does that happen? Rarely, if ever. So if you always wish for success then you must plan. So that’s what I realised I had to do when I looked at my 2 bed flat with living /dining room. There was too much stuff and not enough space.

So with the option of moving not there, I thought “let me fix this problem”. And as I started to fix it I realised that this problem was bigger than I originally thought.

Some of the solutions were obvious but others were harder to come by. I thought I’d share the progress and probable misadventures to help anyone else who might need ideas when maximising space.


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