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Why you can’t declutter

Life is never simple. It’s messy and busy and surprising. It’s always something new, but what seems to be inevitable is the accumliation of stuff. You start out with no furniture and some plates to move from rental to rental, then you eventually discover that you’ve got too much. “Where did this all come from?” You ask yourself. 

But it’s all expensive, or special or you just don’t have the time to do it. My parents unexpectedly moved from a huge house to a much smaller one. What resulted what a mismanagement of space. They were used to big pieces of furniture and not having to remove things when they became too much. Over time they just built up things until they realised that there was too much. They found it hard to get rid of things “just in case” something was needed. There came a point when they finally realised that no one needs two dining tables and a kitchen table. Whatever reason you give yourself for not managing the clutter, the fact reminds that it’s there in your life looking at you while you try and relax. And you want to feel relaxed. So what do you do? Clear up! If you can’t find something, odds are that you just need to tidy up to find it. 

So if you find yourself like me, stuck with a home filled to the brim, how do you begin? Firstly let’s set our sights on something achievable. Because you’re​ only human. Sure, you could focus on it totally for two days and do it, but you’d be a wreck. So choose a mid size task. It could be sorting through a kitchen cupboard with old tins and flour. It could be going through a section of your wardrobe and saying to yourself. Do I actually like or need this item? Whatever it might be, choose one and then apply these rules.

  1. Pick a section that you can do and stick to that one until it’s finished. 
  2. Don’t make the task too big. A whole kitchen can’t be cleared in 30 minutes.
  3. If you’re reminding of another task while you’re doing the first write it down on your to do list, but don’t stop your original task. 
  4. Make ‘sell’, ‘donate’, ‘bin’ piles and allocate time to deal with ‘sell’ and ‘donate’ later. 
  5. Check it off your list. Keeping a list reminds you how much you’ve achieved, otherwise you’ll go crazy.
  6. Stop and have a break after your done. Make yourself to a cup of tea while you admire your brilliant work. Go on you’ve earned it! 

And there you have it. A few simple rules to clearing out your home. Your home that felt so small will suddenly feel huge! 


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